Caribbean Delight

BEST CARIBBEAN RESTAURANT Caribbean Delight 236 NE First Avenue


305-381-9254 Hey mon, we not goin' ta make believe we from ta island -- because nationality is irrelevant when it comes to savoring the home-cooked fare at Caribbean Delight. Sure, those who hail from the Caribbean will view the curry goat, jerk pork, oxtail, and steamed fish with okra through a more nostalgic lens, but what people in the world don't prefer their foods fresh, fully seasoned, and fantastically flavorful? Well, okay, maybe the British, but even they would be attracted to this downtown breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot if only for the affable staff and inarguable affordability. Most everything is under eight dollars, and the Monday-through-Thursday five-dollar lunch special brings a choice of beef stew or chicken curried, jerked, or stewed; pay the extra buck for a side of rice and chicken gravy. Vegetarians can opt for vegetable lasagna or curried tofu, and anyone can quench their thirst with homemade lemonade, fruit punch, ginger beer, soursop juice, or a cold bottle of Red Stripe. The room isn't much to look at (unless you find frayed airline travel posters intriguing), but with the money you save dining here, you can afford to walk over to the Miami Art Museum and pay the entrance fee. Great art, like Caribbean Delight, speaks a global language.


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