BEST BREAKFAST SPECIAL Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop 186 NE 29th Street


305-573-4681 It's not just low prices that draw the morning crowd to Enriqueta's for breakfast each day, though $3.50 for fried or scrambled eggs, bacon or ham, Cuban toast, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and a kick-ass café con leche is pretty tempting by itself. Equally alluring is the cool, communal coffee-shop cachet, with a rainbow coalition of blue- and white-collar workers congregating at the window counter with their cafés cubano, or seated at the indoor counter, or comfortably plunked into tables and booths. No-frills breakfast fare is fulfilling, service is speedy, and if you need to sharpen your basic Spanish skills, ordering breakfast here is a great way to do so.

Location Details

186 NE 29th St.
Miami FL 33137


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