Terri Weisberg

Terri Weisberg is an easygoing, gentle woman who takes her profession seriously: "Years ago I worked at a little Irish place on the Beach called Kelly's, and one of my co-workers at the time was named Best Bartender by the New Times. I thought to myself, Wow, it would be so great to have that honor someday."

Weisberg can now be found either behind the bar or on the floor at Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill in Coconut Grove. She also makes special appearances at other Flanigan's locations around South Florida to train newcomers to the world of mixology.

But her manner, while often emulated, can't be duplicated. Slightly daffy but ever so attentive and kind, Weisberg combines a salt-of-the-earth tranquility with the keen skills of observation only someone with many years in the tavern trade -- nearly 30 -- can come by.

Best sports bar in Miami: Flanigan's Seafood Bar and Grill in Coconut Grove.

Best reason to live in Miami: Fun in the sun. We've got the best weather (most of the time), and there's always something happening for everybody.

Best cheap thrill: Going window shopping at one of our many malls.

Best not-so-cheap thrill: Not going window shopping at one of our many malls. I can't seem to get out of a mall without spending $200 or more. I guess it's a good thing I don't have very much time off.

Best beer on tap: Yuengling. It's America's oldest brewery, established in 1829 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Best place to get away from it all: Miccosukee Resort & Gaming. You're in Florida but you're not.

What entertainment and relaxation trends do you forecast for the year 2015? There will be a new stadium for the Florida Marlins; there should be one well before 2015. There will be lots more indoor/outdoor restaurants on Miami Beach with great views of both the ocean and the beautiful city of Miami.


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