You're the kind of person who owns a boat instead of a turntable. Your favorite pastimes are fishing and baseball, not wine tasting and yoga. You prefer cooked meat to raw fish. You think house is something to live in, not something to dance to. In other words, you'd rather drink a six-pack at home in your underwear than subject yourself to the "fashionable" bars and clubs in this town. Well throw on some jeans, buddy, because Shuckers has an empty barstool with your name on it. This may be the last place in the north county where you can park your truck öround the back for free, sit outside on the water, enjoy a cold beer with a burger and fries, and listen to some good old-fashioned rock and roll. No covers. No DJs. No club kids. No velvet ropes. Just your new favorite neighborhood bar.

Location Details

1819 79th Str Causeway
Miami Beach FL 33141


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