Rose Bar

A librarian walks into a bar. She is looking for the best martini and an even better man. Sexy and sophisticated is the way she wants her martini and her mate. She scans the bar and finds an empty seat next to a handsome gentleman. They smile and the young bartender asks what she'd like. A girl likes an attentive bartender who won't keep her waiting and gives her three olives without even asking, and the Rose Bar delivers. They take the time to make a pristine martini that is cold, smooth, and with not a drop too much vermouth. She touches pinkies with the handsome gentleman as they reach for their martinis: hers a vodka (Grey Goose, $14) and his a traditional (Bombay Gin, $12). Did he call her a heathen? Doesn't he know James Bond drinks vodka martinis? Bond would commend the Rose Bar for a martini shaken to perfection and a little cloudy with tiny bubbles. She tells him that shaking increases the antioxidant activity in the drink, which can reduce the risk of cataracts, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases. He is impressed with her mad librarian skills and forgives her for not drinking a real martini. Elegant lighting, glamorous clientele, and scintillating conversation with a handsome fellow makes the night a delicious chapter in the sexy librarian's novel.


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