Yes, all the fabulous boys go to Twist and other South Beach haunts we've given this award to time and again. But for those looking for a real Miami experience, Azucar is fantastic. It's kind of a down-and-dirty muy Cubano salsa club/gay bar located on a quiet road just south of Coral Way. It reveals its origins as a former disco palace with a wide open dance floor on which everyone in the house jumps the moment the drag shows are finished. The club promotes its "Crazy Fridays" and "Arroz con Mango" Saturdays, as well as a ladies' night Wednesdays. The shows (mostly in Spanish) alone are worth the price of admission, generally five or ten dollars. The Sunday-night cabaret show is pure draggy camp mixed with a few occasional elements such as a couple of ballet dancers performing a pas de deux or a beyond risqué burlesque number performed by a woman in her seventies.

Readers´ Choice: Score


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