The bikers started showing up at the Nite Cap six or seven years ago. That's when bartender Biker Joe arrived looking for work. Biker Joe's friends -- leather-vested, hog-riding, heavy-gutted -- soon crowded the place, feeling right at home with the big American flag out front, the old veterans drinking inside, the 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. hours of operation (except Sundays, when opening time is 1:00 p.m.). The $1.50 draft beers didn't hurt. So far it has been a happy union. "Oh, we treat 'em real good," says Cookie McAlpine, a sprightly 66-year-old who, along with her since-deceased husband, bought the bar thirteen years ago. "We throw parties and stuff for them. If it's a real biker party, we put out a sign that says öBikers Only.' And we reserve the parking lot for bikes." Not to be missed is the Nite Cap's customized ceiling. For $35 an artist will paint something of your choice on a ceiling tile. Examples include: "David & Rona Together Forever"; "Stay Drunk, Avoid Hangovers"; and "In Memory of Shaggy Bob."

Location Details

15544 W. Dixie Highway
North Miami FL 33162


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