Crandon Park

Here's one very enjoyable way to experience this 975-acre jewel of a county park, the lasting legacy of the Matheson family: On a weekend morning, load up the bikes and drive to Key Biscayne and the public parking lots on either side of Sundays on the Bay. (Parking here is free.) Unload the bikes and head to Crandon Boulevard. Just south of Sundays' entrance is a street crossing. On the far side a bike path meanders for nearly two miles through the Bear Cut Preserve, an ambitious and successful reclamation project. You'll move through palm thickets lush with ferns before reaching an intersection. Turn left to a recently opened observation deck overlooking Bear Cut and the vast Atlantic. Double back and continue past the intersection and through more wild greenery. Eventually the bikeway opens onto Crandon Park proper. Just beyond the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center, turn onto the concrete promenade that separates beach from parkland. The ride along this path is a journey through multiethnic, polyglot Miami, as all variety of families will be gathered under shade trees and pavilions for birthday parties and barbecues, music and impromptu dancing. Keep to the left and the famous white sands of Crandon's beaches appear as if on a postcard. At the promenade's southern end you'll come upon a cluster of charmingly restored rental cabanas. Turn right to enter the expansive children's area, featuring a carousel, cushioned skating area, and several water attractions. The Gardens of Crandon Park (last year's winner of this award) lies at the edge of the parking area. Consider this your turn-around point, but before returning, take plenty of time to explore the gardens, where many surprises await. After a picnic lunch on the garden's grounds or at one of two concession stands, survey the park's interior, where you'll find more family areas, a full-size running track, athletic fields, and baseball diamonds. Yes, it's a lot to take in, but it's a big and beautiful park -- Miami's best.


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