Hurry, you won't have this opportunity for long. At the eastern edge of this forlorn city park you can spread a blanket, open the picnic basket, pop a cork, and kick back to take in a spectacular view. Directly ahead lies Biscayne Bay, glittering brightly in the sunshine. As your gaze rises, Government Cut leads you straight to the sea along a perfectly symmetrical visual corridor. The effect is almost startling in its formal composition. Even when cruise ships are docked along the south side of the cut, the effect remains. In the early evening, those ships become spectacles themselves as they slowly rotate in the turning basin right in front of you. Why hurry? Because the abandoned park will in the not-too-distant future become a massive construction site. When the renovated Bicentennial Park is finally complete, the fantastic views will still be there, but today's rustic appeal will be forever gone.

Location Details

1075 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami FL 33132


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