Wei Lun Huang

Since Wei Lun Huang won in 1998, the popularity of this "Best Ancient Chinese Secret" has spread far and wide (and word has probably even reached the Great Masters he studied with back in China). Master Huang's patience with students is legendary and his skills in the internal martial arts (tai chi chuan, qigong, liu he ba fa, and ba gua, among others) are over the top. While his teaching style may seem unorthodox to some (especially to those who've dealt with hippy-dippy, New Age instructors), the results are so astounding that among Master Huang's loyal students are several teachers as well. A point of enlightenment to inspire your beginning: Meditation is just as important to performance as are technical skills. You can find his casual Monday-night class behind the North Miami Beach Public Library. Because he travels for numerous out-of-town seminars, it's imperative to keep tabs on Master Huang's schedule either by phone or through the Website.


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