Tenth hole

Crandon Park Golf Course

You've gotta have balls to play the tenth hole at this course, formerly known as the Links at Key Biscayne, and still known as Key Biscayne Golf Course, Crandon Park Golf Course, and Crandon Golf Course (all the same place, we promise): With water on both sides and frequent gusts of wind, the most seasoned pro risks lobbing a couple of shots into the school of barracuda swimming the ocean shallows. To make the par five even trickier, the Crandon crew keeps the grass short and the green fast. Zip. Zing. Splash! There goes another one just like the other one. But for all the damage to your ego, the challenge can prove invigorating and the view breathtaking. With the Miami skyline to one side and what looks like the whole expanse of the Atlantic Ocean on the other, you won't mind losing a Titleist or two. Okay, three.


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