Wifflegolf is the generic title for the various forms of golf using plastic or rubber balls and not using a golf course. There are many types of plastic balls to choose from, some thin and some thick, some with no holes and some with big holes. The best course in Miami is Country Walk, but any neighborhood heavy on houses and light on traffic works. To begin, design the course. First tee is your own driveway. First "hole" is the stop sign at the corner. Some players insist that only putters be used, while others prefer to allow wedges for more advanced play. You knock your first shot into the street, attempting to get close to the middle without going over it so your ball will roll on the road as far as possible before slowly spinning into the grass. (Miami streets are all tilted down from the middle for drainage purposes.) The second shot generally involves a short chip aimed to land a few feet in front of the sign. Then tap your harmless orb in. (As this isn't a hole, you need only hit the sign.) Par three -- unless a car runs over your ball, which hurts, or the wind has its way, or a dog joins the game. The next hole is that giant ficus around the corner (a sort of dogleg). Loft your tee shot over the roof of the blue house next door, then use spin to go around the hibiscus bush....


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