Pantera Gun and Reloading Center

Welcome to South Florida's premier weapon world, where you can find killer toys to fit your bang-bang needs that will also match with brown or black Timberlands. For more than fifteen years, Pantera has provided infinite infantry, space-age banana clips, intelligent laser beams (for direction, distance, information), Velcro holsters that clasp on your hips, STI Trojan .40s, small-ammo semiautomatics (when the little .223 caliber bullets fire, they sound like Pop Rocks candy), night vision goggles (you can see them), camouflaged apparel (but they can't see you), titanium strikers, aluminum mag-wells, reduced trigger pull systems, and Vihtavuori reloading powder to anybody who qualifies for a firearm license, which they can assist in acquiring. There are also loads of manuals and applications for classes for beginners. And if you happen to come from a country in political upheaval, they can export arms home within 30-60 days; coincidentally Pantera focuses on Latin business. Now if you're wondering whether this gun shop is politically inclined, well, aren't they all? But it's worth noting that this shop's Website has links to the National Rifle Association, Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Party of Florida, and of course Fox News.


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