Ruben's Flowers

Small and unassuming (and totally outdoors), Ruben's flower stand is a landmark in the rapidly changing blood frenzy known as Coconut Grove real estate development. A tranquil, colorful oasis on the corner of Bird Avenue and Indiana Street (and across diagonally and directly from two looming condo monstrosities), the gentlemen at Ruben's are friendly, even courtly. Beyond that, their selection of fresh blooms and exotic botanical wonders -- sprays of ginger from Ecuador, tulips bursting with color that seem to have been ripped from the beds of the Vondelpark -- is eye-popping. Daffodils in November? Violets in May? No problem. Plus, you can fill every room of your (modest, old-Grove bungalow-style) home with flowers from Ruben's for less than the price of a tank of gas. Bunches of tulips are six dollars, and a dozen roses will set you back only ten.


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