Prop Central/Stylehaus

Visiting film crews and local television commercial producers alike know Prop Central as their one-stop shop for period costumes. Every Halloween, however, Prop Central throws open its doors to the general public, outfitting a steady stream of firemen, marines, pirates, Twenties-styled flappers, dark-suited gangsters, bell bottom-clad hippies, and enough platform shoe-sporting, wide-lapel-wearing pimps to make you seriously question all the talk of South Beach's emerging "maturity." Indeed it's hard to tell who's having more fun dashing in and out of the dressing rooms here -- the straight-laced businessman who suddenly emerges as the imposing leatherman (sorry, make that "motorcycle enthusiast") or the enthused staff, whipping through their racks of clothing and accessories to help the newest member of the Village People realize his previously hidden dream.


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