Pleasure Emporium

Rows and rows of carnal knowledge line the biggest adult video chain in South Florida. Pleasure Emporium is a one-stop sex shop for all your horny needs. Not only does it carry a vast array of straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, and midget porn, it also sells an assortment of dildos, penis pumps, lubricants, strap-ons, clamps, cock rings, dolls, and just about every other kind of sex object you can think of (except live human ones). But the best thing about the Emporium is its cleanliness and friendly, often cheerful atmosphere, making it perfect for couples to visit together. There aren't any creepy, leering men hovering around like in most other porn shops. Pleasure Emporium is nice and neat, brightly lit, and doesn't smell like rotten semen since the jack-off peep booths are regularly wiped down, so you can even take your grandmother if she's into those kinds of things.


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