Personal Best (2004)

Kevin Cory

Talk about running with scissors. Bratty Kevin Cory runs around with a knife -- sometimes more than one, and not of the butter variety. The chef at Siam River sushi bar, Cory puts his sharp tongue and sharp blade to use talking, dishing, and serving the most innovative, undoubtedly freshest sushi in town. Siam River also has an excellent selection of Thai food, for those who avoid uncooked finned things.

The mostly self-trained Cory haunts the docks and airport seeking only the freshest, never-frozen fish and crustaceans for Siam River's (literally) lively selection of menu items, which change daily according to what the nets bring in.

Cory will talk your ear off about snatching abalone from the Pacific or triggerfish from the surf, but that's okay -- when at Siam River, you'll be busy stuffing your face.

Best Mile in Miami
From I-395 to Fifth Street

Enjoy the commute during the rising or falling of the sun. See the setting of the moon over Miami's skyline. Wave to cruise ship passengers voyaging from the Port of Miami. Admire the Jet Skiers and boaters with Star Island in the background. And anticipate a thrilling event at either mile's end with the American Airlines Arena and downtown Miami on the west or slide over the bridge and fall into the excitement of beautiful South Beach on the east.

Best Local Landmark
The Atlantic Ocean

Okay, it's more of an "off landmark," but what other landmark in Miami can give you a cool breeze, a massage, and then feed you too? I love to be relaxing, swimming, and always finding it exciting to see what our local fishermen just yanked out of the Atlantic Ocean for the sushi bar.

Hopefully while I'm swimming, the fish never get their revenge on me. Once, an opossum-playing triggerfish bit my finger on Siam River's cutting board. But then I kindly returned the favor with a greatly inspired whole fish sashimi special.

Best Place to Savor the Flavor of Miami

All of us in Miami are guilty of cruising down Ocean Drive and then stopping in front of Mango's. It's where the bartenders and servers spin the very best spicy salsa steps. If you're visiting and want a real taste of Miami, then it's a must to run into Mango's and savor the feeling of tapping your feet, gyrating your hips, and having sex-on-the-beach until 5:00 a.m.

Best Month

Miami's consistently gorgeous weather in February turns Valentine's Day into an entire month. Clear skies and cool breezes with slightly warming sunshine let everyone in Miami "live the life." Meanwhile snowbirds instinctively flock here for golfing, VolleyPalooza, sports fishing, sunbathing, the Miami International Boat Show ... and did I mention VolleyPalooza?

Best Reason to Live in Miami
Never need to leave home

Wherever you are in Miami, you cannot escape the feeling that something exciting may happen. Conveniently save your time traveling and your money on airplane tickets and car rentals for a romantic upgraded hometown vacation. Mix into the long warm beaches and relax at the Sheraton Bal Harbour or blend into the hot bar and pool scenes at the Delano or Shore Club. Stay in downtown Miami's city lights at the Mandarin Oriental with a wonderful dining experience at Azul. Or pamper yourself in Aventura at the Mediterranean-style Turnberry Isle Resort & Club.


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