Tuscan Steak

There is one very good reason why Tuscan Steak recovered more quickly than most other Beach restaurants following the economically disastrous 2002 season. And the reason isn't the authenticity of its Florentine T-bone. (Good as it is, true traditional bistecca alla fiorentina would never be served sliced and reassembled.) Nor are the eatery's other cheese-sauced steaks typically Tuscan. No, there's more to a dining experience than food. Great service can make dining out seem worth the expense, especially when money is tight. Here the service makes diners feel special. It's neither too correctly stiff nor too amateur-night friendly. Most important, there's not a hint of that infamous South Beach attitude (Waiter: "I'm just here till my agent calls...."). Credit goes to manager Steve Haas, who has been tackling Miami Beach's service problems in a bigger way as a founder of the annual educational dining and drinking event called Hospitality Employees Awareness Day.

Location Details

433 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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