Tree of Zion

With its low ceiling and calming interior, Tree of Zion harkens back to the storefront health restaurants of yore, with the added influence of Rastafarianism abundant but not overpowering. The menu at ToZ is low-tech, handwritten daily on a dry-erase board. The food, however, is strictly modern vegetarian and vegan fare. Included in a typical day's offerings are "raw" pizza with fresh spinach, tomato, and olives; lentil soup; soy burgers on wheat toast; and a selection of meatless, Caribbean-style vegetable patties. Most menu items are priced at about $5.99 or less. This will leave you a few bucks to spare on the not-to-be-missed almond smoothie, a blend of soy milk, bananas, and almond butter served at a flavor-filled, less-than-freezing temperature.


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