Nunzio's Italian Ristorante

On a busy night, it wouldn't be unusual to see Papa Nunzio struggling with two shopping carts filled with fresh ingredients from the Publix across the way in the same shopping center. Mama Nunzio would most likely be in the kitchen yelling in Italian at her staff to cook faster, and their sons would be taking food orders and talking soccer with the guests. The Nunzios, originally from Naples, have been providing Miami with home-cooked Italian meals since 1974. This is definitely a family venture, and even though the sons are grown and have other careers (one's a professore at Miami Dade College), they all chip in, whether it be answering phones, taking orders, or just interpreting for their parents, who don't speak a word of English. New Times wholeheartedly recommends this little piece of Italy for those who can appreciate quality mixed with an unpretentious atmosphere. Everything on the menu is great, but we had a predisposition to the garlic bread with cheese appetizer and Trochete Spinachi entrée, and by the time zupetta came our taste buds were in a state of orgasmic bliss.


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