Remember the old adage, fake it till you make it? Well, the folks over at Natural Chicken Grill really take it to heart. It's not enough that these restaurants bear an uncanny resemblance to Chicken Kitchen, but on their Website they blatantly and falsely claim to have won this award last year. For shame, Natural Chicken Grill, but hear hear on the clairvoyance thing. If they want it that much, who are we to get in the way? Besides, it really is good for you. Both Natural Chicken Grill and Chicken Kitchen offer food prepared in accordance with the American Heart Association. That means less fat and cholesterol, and fewer calories. If we are to bestow this prestigious accolade to the Grill, however, we would be remiss in not hooking up their obvious inspiration and doppelgänger, Chicken Kitchen. Seriously, aside from the name, what the hell is the difference between a "Chop Chop" and a "Natural Chop"? We don't know, but for riding the coattails of the healthy chicken phenomenon, mad props to Natural Chicken Grill, bringing Miami yet another meaning to the words "chop shop."

Location Details

1675 SW 107th Ave.
Miami FL 33165


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