Rosebriar Café

The Rosebriar Café is tucked into an old Miami house on a side street off Biscayne Boulevard. It's decorated like a Victorian tea parlor. Although the service is often slow, the food, by chef John Stump, is always worth the wait -- especially the pumpkin soup. It's a nice setting for both a relaxing lunch and for the minor social dramas that unfold regularly between the gay couple who run the place and the guys who staff it. For instance, Mat is always convinced there aren't enough lace doilies and rose petals, while Carlos is forever trying to find ways to get hot young women to frequent the place. One such creative attempt was to offer a list of cocktails whose primary ingredient is sake. This was done because the café lacks the license necessary to offer hard liquor. So the Rosebriar technically abided by the law by mixing potent drinks made with sake (it's classified as a wine), usually in neon colors and Sex and the City-worthy flavors such as appletinis and the ubiquitous cosmos. Our favorite is the mojito, a delight of green minty tartness.

Location Details

226 NE 28th St.
Miami FL 33137


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