There are a few of these fondue franchises across the country and a new one at 15700 Biscayne Blvd., but we here in the Magic City already have the biggest, most expensive one. A one-million-dollar, freestanding building houses us as we indulge in the guiltiest of pleasures -- chocolate. Imagine a pot filled with white chocolate, milk chocolate, and marshmallow fluff, slowly simmering on a burner right at your table. The waitress drops a shot of raspberry chambord into the pot and hands you a plate of cheesecake, fresh strawberries, pineapples, brownies, bananas, pound cake, cherries, and a fork. This is Chocolate Heaven. It's called a Chambord Kiss, and although there are variations on the menu, chances are the servers have never heard of it. This is a special chocolate reserved for those guests who take the expert advice of managing owner Calvin Gissendanner. Even though he seems a little uptight, the man sure does know his chocolate fondue and he doesn't mind people coming in just for dessert. A small serving for two is $14. The regular size, which serves up to four, is $28. The restaurant also sells jars of their milk, dark, and white chocolates for the home fondue enthusiast. Reservations are suggested.

Location Details

11520 Sunset Dr.
Kendale Lakes FL 33173


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