Fontainebleau Hilton Resort

It's common to associate "buffet" with "table." Wrong. Here, on any given Sunday, it's a roomful of tables overflowing with at least 200 items covering the spectrum, from raw seafood to the sweetest sweets. Juicy meats, salads, breads, stews, and soups line up side-by-side across the vast expanse, each one challenging the diner's whim to fill every last bit of stomach space available. Tip: Don't eat for three days prior and arrive early. Bonus tip: Holidays feature special items (such as succulent turkey at Thanksgiving). At $48 per person ($22 for kids), with a glass of champagne or a mimosa included, this is a feast fit to feed an entire Third World nation or to please the most demanding gourmand. On any given Sunday.


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