Atlanta Bread Company

What could be more at the forefront of baking than the ingenuity displayed by those at Atlanta Bread Company? This restaurant is redefining the boundaries of bread. No more will dough aficionados be constrained to thinking that sliced bread is the greatest triumph since.... One of ABC's more noteworthy "concept breads" is something they call "A Loaf of Soup." It consists of a loaf of sourdough with a bowl carved into the top of it. The bread is then filled with the customer's choice of soup like cream of broccoli, onion, or chicken noodle. Now we know it's not what most will think of when they conjure up images of bread, so rest assured the place also carries a wide array of muffins, croissants, bagels, and Danishes for the nonadventurous soul. But soup in a loaf of bread? That earns them this award for creativity.


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