Graziano's Parrilla Argentina

Once you see the open-pit rotisserie in the middle of the dining room, che, you'll understand why Graziano's leaves even the most ravenous carnivore sedated after a full-course meal. Tender cuts of churrasco steaks, blood sausage, and other meats are grilled over the flames burning quebracho, a South American smoking wood. A word of caution: You might want to leave your PETA friends at home for this dining excursion, what with the skinless suckling pigs, lambs, and rabbits hanging from the ceiling. But if your veggie pals can handle the scenery, Graziano's offers a meatless vegetable parillada. Of course, no meal at Graziano's would be complete without sampling the restaurant's extensive wine selection, which emphasizes Argentine and Chilean labels and which won Best Wine Selection in a Restaurant in last year's Best of Miami.


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