Marabou Café

Perhaps it's a byproduct of the demographic trend of Haitians moving north of Miami-Dade, but there is a dearth of spaces dedicated to Haitian music in this county. Finding live compas in this town has become as difficult as finding reggae. Heading north is the right idea, though. Marabou, just over the county line, is picking up the slack quite well, thank you. Restaurant by day, at about 10:00 several nights per week it becomes a venue for live music. Notable Haitian performer Sweet Micky plays each Thursday, and Top Vice takes the stage every Friday. Others, like Konpa Kreyol, have jammed on the club's stage as well. Recently, when armed violence was shaking the island nation, Marabou was a haven for musicians who couldn't (or didn't want to) return home for Carnaval. And this place also serves excellent lambi (conch) and griot (pork stew). Weekend nights have been a mix of DJs spinning a mix of Caribbean sounds. The club usually stays open until 4:00 a.m.


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