The Art of Shaving

Bal Harbour Shops

Think of this as a real-man's facial. The barber places you in a leather reclining chair and soaks your face in a hot, scented towel. Then he rubs hot oil on your whiskers, followed by warm lather massaged into your cheeks. When he takes the straight-edge carbon-steel blade to your face, the stubble comes off like the limp and soggy follicles they are. Art of Shaving, a chain of high-end shaving products, only recently opened this "barber spa." Another is in the Browne & Co. Apothecary on Lincoln Road. We chose the one at Bal Harbour because they will also shave your head if you so choose. That option wasn't available elsewhere. Overall a soothing experience in an elegant surrounding. Traditional shave runs $25. The "royal shave," which comes with a mask treatment at the end, costs $45. Haircuts, mustache trims, and aromatherapy skin treatments also available. Make an appointment first.


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