Museo del Disco

Looking for that old Bola de Nieve bolero your abuelo used to sing? Itching for a copy of that Pablo Neruda poem set to music by Aterciopelados but you can't remember what it's called? Eager to hear the latest releases from Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, or Spain? Has collecting round discs etched with music gone beyond being your hobby to becoming an obsession? Get thee to the Museo del Disco, the Latin music superstore opened last year by long-time distributor Hinsul Lazo. With a softly carpeted showroom that houses rack upon rack of records categorized by genre, national origin, and in some cases even record label, the Museo is indeed like a museum. But don't be fooled; Lazo's experience in distribution has led him to build up a state-of-the-art search engine that can find in an instant whatever you're hankering for. And if it's not in the store, the folks at Museo will get it for you. Now, how did that old Gran Combo chorus go again?


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