Best Liquor Store (2000)

Fox's Sherron Inn walk-up window

It's late. You're home alone, and that Coke you're sipping just isn't cutting it. Definitely needs to be jacked up. You need a hit of the hard stuff. But you're out of whisky and worse, out of cash. Those not-so-convenient drugstore liquor emporiums shuttered their doors hours ago. What to do? Get on the horn and hit your friends up for free booze? Go to a bar, start a tab, and guzzle a few alone? We think not. Take a stroll over to Fox's handy-dandy walk-up window. The dark bar may have the illicit feel of a speakeasy. The well-lighted window, open until 2:00 a.m. daily, is a different story altogether. The friendly attendant won't mind answering incessant questions about what size bottle is the best deal for your money, and trust us, you'll have a variety of sizes and brands from which to choose. Pick your potion, hand over your credit card, and in no time at all you'll be toting home the toxin of your choice in a lovely brown paper bag, you lush!


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