Best Ice Cream Parlor (2000)

Whip 'N Dip Ice Cream Shoppe

George Giampetro's dairy and nondairy creations are simply the best. Making ice cream is more than a business at this mom-and-pop parlor. It's a family tradition. One that Giampetro's daughter passed on to friend Yara Herrera. Since then she's been Whip 'N Dip's magical gelato maker, responsible for the 30-plus flavors in Mr. G's store. In twenty minutes Herrera can whip up two and a half gallons of ice cream. Amazing. She's been doing it for five years, almost daily, right here at Whip 'N Dip. The most popular item on the menu is her famous Mocha Mud Pie, a spumoni swirl of coffee, fudge, and bits of Oreo cookies. Herrera also recommends Barrel of Monkeys -- a blend of banana and peanut-butter ice creams mixed with chocolate-covered peanuts. Oh, and at Whip 'N Dip only the freshest ingredients are used to make fruity ice creams such as strawberry, apple, and key lime pie.


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