Best Surf Spot (1999)

First Street Beach

Surfing in Miami? Yes, occasionally we are blessed with a rideable swell here in the land of flat seas. While our Californian, Hawaiian, and Australian counterparts search for that ever-elusive perfect wave, we spend our winters hoping and praying for a set, any rideable set. Please God, let there be a cold front! Let there be a hurricane! Let there be any sort of natural phenomenon that brings us waves! It doesn't matter how disastrous to the city, state, or continent, please! When Miami surfers' prayers are answered, the beach at First Street by Penrod's is the place to go. A few days out of the year a clean, crisp five-to-seven-foot swell that rivals a good day at San Diego's Pacific Beach pier hits First Street. Although waves occasionally break off the jetty by Harbor House on 97th and Collins, they are usually smaller and sloppier. If you are a die-hard surfer with transportation and an open schedule, head north to the Delray pier, Spanish River Beach in Boca Raton, or the Lake Worth pier. Or make a weekend trip up to Sebastian Inlet, Florida's most notorious surf spot and home to several world-class pros, including ex-Baywatch heartthrob Kelly Slater.


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