Best Hole At A Golf Course (1999)

Fourth hole

After a $3.9 million renovation, International Links has easily become one of South Florida's premier public golf courses. Reopened in October 1997, it is becoming incredibly popular, thanks in no small part to the redesign of several holes, most notably number four. A monstrous par five (608 yards from the black tees, 585 from the gold, 574 from the blue, and 536 from the white), the fourth hole features a split fairway. Golfers can opt for the left fork, which runs safe but long. Or they can drive down the right side, which gets them to the hole more quickly -- only if they stay away from the six fairway bunkers that protect the hole like a father chaperoning his daughter on prom night. Then there's the green: 41 yards long and 24 yards wide, which makes for a lot of long putting and sometimes an even longer afternoon.


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