Best Beach (1999)

North Shore State Recreation Area

The tall, menacing black fence stretches a long eight blocks, protecting one of this area's loveliest and best-maintained stretches of beach. At the 85th Street entrance, pay a dollar entry fee (this is a state park after all), traipse through the gate, and behold the leafy sea-grape trees, which provide refreshing shelter from the sweltering South Florida sun. Walk a few feet up the path and fire up one of the many barbecue grills. Continue a few more feet and devour your carcinogenic grub under a roofed picnic pavilion. If you refuse to walk, then run. Take a brisk jog on the Vita course. After you've cooked, eaten, or perspired, hop on the creaky boardwalk and follow the crashing sound of the waves to the inviting ocean. Behold the clean white beach, the refreshing sea, and a minimum of preening naked people.


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