Best Traveling Barber (1999)

Jackie Charles

You want to feel like a captain of industry? Make an appointment to have Jackie Charles (pronounced in one quick burst as Jackiecharles) meet you at work. Nothing provides that old-fashioned sense of entitlement like having the barber come to you. No breezing through ten-year-old Playboy magazines while you wait at the barbershop. You call, set a time, and Charles shows up. Although he's only 26 years old, this Haitian-American part-time actor has been trimming locks for about a decade. At age sixteen he started attending cosmetology night classes after high school football practices. (He did so illicitly, without paying.) Since then he's shorn rap stars Puff Daddy and Luther Campbell as well as boxer Lennox Lewis. For a real kick use a cell phone to make a business call while the scissors snip. Yeah, you're a regular Bill Gates. Charles charges $10 to $20 depending on the style and whether there is more than one customer. He'll do any style of hair.


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