Best Skate Shop (1999)

Universal Ski and Sport Outlet

Believe it or not, the Ice Age cometh to South Florida. In fact it already cameth. Several years ago professional hockey teams started drifting toward the tropics from places like Minnesota. Then skaters scratched the ice on indoor rinks in Homestead, North Miami-Dade, and elsewhere. Now a new recreational ice-skating mecca is planned for Kendall. So if you want to be on the cutting edge, you might consider visiting this warehouse of a store just west of South Dixie Highway. It has the latest gear. Besides the fad for frost, global warming is all the rage. So you may prefer to glide on wheels in the sunshine. Universal stocks items tailored to roller hockey, aggressive skating (like sliding down a stairway handrail and pirouetting into a spread eagle, followed by a flip), and off-road blading. Finally the store carries equipment for the on-again fad of skateboarding. Need a lesson? The staff can point you in the right direction.


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