Best Place To Depilate (1999)

South Beach Body Waxing Company

Most body waxing is performed in beauty salons where the employees give facials, shampoos, sweep the floor, and do manicures. Here the waxers wax. When you're talking about a stranger slathering hot, sticky gunk on your most private parts and then tearing out hundreds of hairs with one yank, it's nice to have confidence. "It's really hard to find good employees," manager Shirley Sanchez comments. "They have to be nice and clean, they have to have a license, and they have to have a good pull. I'm usually the guinea pig and believe me, it hurts when they don't know what they are doing." A gentle touch can help, but wax-type is also important; South Beach uses a recipe that generally allows one-piece removal. Workers at this storefront also stay open relatively late seven days per week, keep the facilities clean, and even go places most others won't. Especially popular are butt waxes, termed "butt strips," by Janet, a slight and cheery Peruvian. The cost is fourteen dollars for the cheeks and twelve more if you want to remove the hair that grows between them. Other hot spots include nostrils, toes, backs, bellies, bikini area, and lips (the pair beneath your nose or, for women, the set further down).


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