Best Place To Buy Latin Music (1999)

Esperanto Music

So you don't know tango from timba or a bolero from a bachata? And you think cumbia is the name of that chicken dish you ate at some Honduran restaurant last week. Don't worry. Ignorance is welcome at Esperanto Music, where you can explore a new world of Latin sound without feeling like an ugly American. Manager Carlos Suarez is pleased to give you a primer on Latin styles as he guides you through the store's more than 5000 titles. Among this musical menagerie: Cuban dance music from every era; Argentine rock; Brazilian jazz; Mexican love ballads; and much more. Offering the latest releases as well as classics, rarities, and reissues, Esperanto is an aficionado's wonderland. Even if you have a tin ear when it comes to Latin music, don't worry. Esperanto speaks your language.


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