Best Place To Buy Disco (1999)

Yesterday & Today Dance Music

Disco's current revival as source material for a new generation of retro-chic DJs is hardly news at Yesterday & Today. House, Hi-NRG, or whatever your moniker of choice may be for the sound's current incarnation, it's all one continuous cacophony inside this cheery and loudly thumping record shop. The proof is in the impressive array of vintage disco and late-Seventies' funk albums prominently displayed next to this month's club faves-of-the-moment. Looking for that elusive Sylvester album? How about an old Eddie Kendricks slow burner? A snaky foot-stomper from the Jimmy Castor Bunch? It's all here and affordably priced. Bell-bottoms and platform shoes may have been traded in for an Adidas ensemble, but the beat goes on.


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