Best Movie-Poster Store (1999)

Tropic Comics

Although Tropic Comics is ostensibly a comic-book shop, Superman and the Incredible Hulk are actually some of the least colorful characters here. Huge vintage movie posters are plastered all over the store's high walls. But don't look for highbrow cineastes' picks. Tropic is a veritable shrine to Fifties and Sixties drive-in culture. There are more zombie flicks on display than you ever thought possible. For starters the perennial greats: Night of the Living Dead, Frozen Dead, and Night of the Walking Dead. The last one is a personal fave because of its poster's screaming warning: "We are not responsible to any person that this film may disturb either physically or mentally!" More sensitive souls might want to snag the poster for Island of Lost Women with its enticing tag line: "They turned a forbidden paradise into a raging hell -- when they dared to love the untouched beauties hidden from the world!" Just the thing to brighten any bachelor's living room.


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