Best Camera-Repair Shop (1999)

Dan's Camera Clinic

At age nineteen Manfred Wenzel began his crusade to heal ailing cameras. No matter where he's lived -- Germany, Chile, New York, Miami -- the repair guru has given a second chance to death-row-bound lenses, shutters, and range finders. If there's a broken part, there's a way for Wenzel's magic hands to mend it. Tucked into a stripmall on Biscayne Boulevard, Dan's is a throwback to an era when cameras were made of metal and careful craftsmanship was part of the culture. Wenzel, who bought Dan's in 1977, says he takes on only professional jobs that are too complicated for his competitors. He specializes in antiques and high-performance models. So if you're the proud owner of a Twenties Leica that needs help, don't despair! With a wave of his screwdriver, Wenzel will have you up and shooting in no time.


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