Best Place To Slow-Dance (1999)

Café Nostalgia

Ponce de León came to Florida desperately seeking the Fountain of Youth. It can now be found at Café Nostalgia, Little Havana's vintage Cuban music mecca. For lovers of Latin sounds, slow dancing is a way of life, and it has been clinically proven to keep them young. Just look at the glowing couples on the dance floor at Nostalgia, where romance reigns as singer Luis Bofill pours out a sentimental bolero in his liquid tenor. Unlike salsa, you don't have to learn any steps to slow dance. The dance floor courting ritual is intuitive, international, ageless. Even those who haven't slow danced since seventh grade can be instant pros: just hold your partner tight and rotate. Give in to the music, and feel as giddy as a teenager in the throes of first love.


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