Best Place To Play Pool (1999)

Peg's Pocket Billiards

"You're not here to pick up a girl. This is not a pick-up joint," warns Frank Hunt, manager of Peg's. "This is more like 1950, if you went into a pool place and knew everybody. You come in here if you want to have fun." Peg's is fourteen Ivan Simonis-felted, regulation-size (nine-and-a-half-foot) tables of old-school pool. The kind of place where the regulars all bring their own sticks. Where the clean-up boy nurses his own dreams of going pro, and shoots like he's well on his way. The place even hosts some pros, like "Super Mario" Cruz, who works out there regularly. ("It's like family around here," Cruz offers.) The parlor offers beer, wine, and pizza, but, Hunt notes, "we sell more [bottled] water than anything." Novices won't feel intimidated. Heck, they have a "Terrible Players Eight-Ball Tournament." Though not conducive to picking up a date, Peg's caters to anyone looking to pick up some pointers. Hunt will give you the lowdown on stance, grip, and sighting. Then he'll politely leave you alone to sink that shot, or just sink.


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