If you happen to be a buffed Crunch regular with fashion-model modalities, score is exactly what you'll do here. The beauty of this ten-month-old Lincoln Road hot spot, however, is the fact that there's plenty of room for discretion. Even celibacy. With its mix of wildly varied theme nights and block parties, Score-ing's fun for everyone: boys, girls, doms, subs, butches, femmes, drag queens, autos, and yes, even heteros. With standard SoBe techno/house and standard SoBe beauty boys, Score manages to create a neighborly atmosphere in the cold and elitist South Beach scene. Regulars and staff are on a first-name basis. And if size matters, don't be deceived by outward appearances. Although barely noticeable from the street, the club takes on John Holmesian proportions inside. An anteroom is dominated by a large circular bar with stools for those who simply want to sit and drink. The side wall and windows looking out on Lincoln Road are lined by comfy sofas, plus chairs and tables for the lounge crowd. The next room, which features two more bars and a sunken dance floor, is for cruising, perusing, and dancing only. From an upstairs area one can peer at the light-tripping orgy below, or shoot a game of pool. It doesn't end there. Upstairs there's yet another back room with bar, this one surprisingly well-lighted. We suggest taking prospective one-night-stands there before deciding whether to take them home.

Location Details

1437 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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