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1991 Stories by William Labbee

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  • Tara Solomon Feature

    published December 25, 1991

    The two women in pressed pantsuits and high-necked collars look on in near shock, tittering to themselves as Tara Solomon strolls up the steps of... More >>

  • Forbidden Fruit: Part 2

    published December 18, 1991

    It appeared that the person who shot Danny Donovan for stealing some mangoes had gotten away with near murder. More than a half-dozen men had... More >>

  • It's a Dog's Life

    published December 18, 1991

    When Sheila Sowell set out to buy a dog, she didn't strap a leash on the first mutt she laid eyes on. After she finally gave in to her husband's... More >>

  • The Strange Case of the Sealed Files

    published December 11, 1991

    He had spent months on the campaign trail, maintaining a grueling schedule that required him to forgo most aspects of a normal life. Family,... More >>

  • The Robed Get Robbed

    published December 4, 1991

    Sankarsana had just finished chanting outside the Metro-Dade Government Center last month and was talking to some passersby, ready to pack up for... More >>

  • Monkey Feature

    published November 20, 1991

    In the early-morning hours of Wednesday, October 2, Metro-Dade police responded to a call from a Miami alarm company. Something or someone had... More >>

  • Better Dead Than Read?

    published November 20, 1991

    In the summer of 1990, Miami Beach Police Chief Phillip Huber proposed a novel plan that he said would help the city cope with its increasing drug... More >>

  • Forbidden Fruit

    published November 6, 1991

    Maybe you know somebody like Danny Donovan. A nice guy, an overgrown kid, really, with an ingratiating personality and an unfortunate tendency to... More >>

  • The Strange Case of the Driveway That Never Got Built

    published September 25, 1991

    This past summer Elio Rojas had a little problem: two cars and only one driveway. It was possible, of course, to park both cars in the same... More >>

  • Dog's Little Half-Acre

    published September 4, 1991

    The wrinkled Puerto Rican men sucking on their Budweiser longnecks stare over from the crumbling stoop, wondering what planet this group dropped... More >>

  • Get Me Rewrite!

    published September 4, 1991

    Nowhere is the vitriol between Cuban exiles in Miami and supporters of Fidel Castro on the island more palpable than in the Spanish-language... More >>

  • Hialeah Does Not Believe in Volunteers

    published August 28, 1991

    Carmen Caldwell didn't flinch when acting Hialeah Mayor Julio Martinez fired her in January as the city police department's coordinator for... More >>

  • Where Have All the Spikers Gone?

    published August 14, 1991

    Six years ago, when Bill Barrere and other dedicated volleyball players went looking for a game on Miami Beach, they had just one choice: 85th... More >>

  • There Goes The Neighborhood

    published August 7, 1991

    At the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Douglas Road stands the hulking, vacant Tikki Club bar, in its heyday the scene of shootings,... More >>

  • Black Grove Feature

    published July 31, 1991

    At the northeast corner of Grand Avenue and Douglas Road stands the hulking, vacant Tikki Club bar, in its heyday the scene of shootings,... More >>

  • Her Brother's Keeper

    published July 31, 1991

    Mary Dixon didn't think much about it when her brother, Hosea Wilcox, wandered off after they'd argued in front of her neatly kept Allapattah... More >>

  • As Long As it Floats

    published July 3, 1991

    Blue-black clouds rumbled overhead as Leonardo Selis and Ricardo de Jongh sifted through the tattered sheets of canvas, torn burlap sacks,... More >>

  • Keep Off The Grass!

    published May 22, 1991

    Chris, a 33-year-old transvestite hooker with drowsy hazel eyes and a coiffed copper hairdo, looks up from his game of solitaire. "Why am I here?"... More >>

  • What the critics are saying about Joe Genuardi

    published April 24, 1991

    "Some of his decisions are not popular, but they are correct. Others are simply wrong. But he must have been given the authority to make those... More >>

  • Become a City of Miami Zoning Administrator

    published April 24, 1991

    Do you have what it takes to embark on a new career in the highly skilled field of zoning administration? You might possess the special aptitude... More >>

  • River Rats

    published February 20, 1991

    "We nuked it, is what happened," says Capt. Jim Ratican, gesturing from the wood-paneled pilothouse of the Miami River tug Big Al toward the SW... More >>

  • The Man and the Mouth

    published January 23, 1991

    As any political satirist knows, an impressive array of enemies is at least as important for success as legions of supporters. Alberto Gonzalez... More >>

  • Alberto Gonzalez -- Wild Man at the Plate

    published January 23, 1991

    TITO HERNANDEZ: This is Tito Hernandez speaking. These are the headlines of today's most important news, which we offer you in this edition of El... More >>

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