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1992 Stories by William Labbee

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  • Birth of a Notion

    published August 12, 1992

    In most respects, James Eloissaint is like any five-month-old child. He squirms and bounces on his mother's knee, tugging at a tiny T-shirt,... More >>

  • Automatic Transgression

    published August 5, 1992

    Title 26 of the United States Code has proven to be a powerful weapon for federal agents combating the proliferation of machine guns, preferred... More >>

  • Totally Rent Out of Shape

    published July 15, 1992

    For most of the past decade, South Beach was anything but a Miami Vice pastel playground for the young and restless. From Alton Road to Collins... More >>

  • Eating Disorder

    published June 24, 1992

    When Richard Peacock proposed building Grove Calloway's restaurant on McFarlane Road in 1988, he labeled the existing historic Peacock House on... More >>

  • The Ships Hit the Fan

    published June 17, 1992

    At least once a week for more than a year Corri Barrs has gone to the beach. Not just any beach, mind you, and not for the usual swimming and sun... More >>

  • These Boots Weren't Made for Walking

    published June 10, 1992

    Knife-wielding youths repeatedly stab newspaper editor Jay Vail and his friend as they take in the salt air one recent spring night on the South... More >>

  • It Ain't Knot's Landing, It's Hialeah

    published April 29, 1992

    The married mayor is having an affair with the also-married mayor of a neighboring village. One councilman wears women's panties and dabs on... More >>

  • Snake, Rattle, and ... Ouch!

    published April 8, 1992

    Luis Bermudez hardly expected the experience of a lifetime when he visited the newly opened Wal-Mart in West Kendall on February 20. A long-time... More >>

  • Good Golly, Missed Trolley!

    published March 11, 1992

    Pity the poor gallery owner. Face it, most people see art as a luxury, not something that's required in order to make it through the day. When the... More >>

  • Score one for Bob Kunst

    published March 4, 1992

    In what might be the beginning of a lengthy legal battle, a state labor judge has ruled that Bob Kunst, fired this past August from his executive... More >>

  • How Green Was My Condo Rec Room

    published February 19, 1992

    The neighborhood park is a thing of verdant beauty: Manicured baseball diamonds and other athletic fields. Shaded playgrounds of swing sets and... More >>

  • Q & A With Bob Kunst

    published February 12, 1992

    Last August, on the day Bob Kunst was fired from Cure AIDS Now after a spate of allegations, audits, and front-page Miami Herald stories, an... More >>

  • Forbidden Fruit: Part 3

    published February 12, 1992

    Today Danny Donovan is a wealthy man. To begin with, the 30-year-old handyman is about to receive $2.2 million in cash. After that he'll receive... More >>

  • The Classic Caddy Conundrum

    published January 22, 1992

    For years John Schiefer's family took meticulous care of their prize Cadillac, a white 1973 convertible Eldorado identical to the pace car used at... More >>

  • Tara Solomon Feature

    published January 8, 1992

    The two women in pressed pantsuits and high-necked collars look on in near shock, tittering to themselves as Tara Solomon strolls up the steps... More >>

Archives: 1992 | 1991 | 1990