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  • Kohl's Cools Our MacBook Pro, Part 2: The Review

    published Nov 05, 2010

    ​A typical week at Miami New Times involves long hours of intense typing and photo cropping, web browsing, and transcribing. Needless to say, our three-year-old MacBook Pro undergoes a series of vig... More >>

  • GiGi Diaz, Hialeah Hottie from Santa's Enchanted Forest All Grown Up

    GiGi Diaz, Hialeah Hottie from Santa's Enchanted Forest All Grown Up

    published Nov 04, 2010

    ​There's only one place in Miami to find Games! Food! Show! Nativity! and that's at Santa's Enchanted Forest at Tropical Park. The amusement park fun starts at 5 p.m. tonight, and runs through Janua... More >>

  • 3D Holograms of Will.I.Am and DJ Irie: Hello, Future

    published Nov 03, 2010

    ​Imagine Celia Cruz or Bob Marley's ghost appearing on stage, right in front of you, and performing in all their holographic glory, real as if they were still alive.Sound far-fetched? Media Stage, a... More >>

  • No Shave November Kicks off with Pop's 'Stache

    published Nov 02, 2010

    ​​​It's No Shave November, y'all, and that means we want to see everyone sporting a stache by Thanksgiving. We're serious. Throughout the month, we'll be bringing you the most compelling facial ... More >>

  • Kohl's Cools Our MacBook Pro, Part 1

    published Nov 01, 2010

    ​It's our first day at the Miami New Times new offices, and to celebrate, we treated ourselves to a fancy, ergonomic laptop cooling dock from diamond-in-the-rough retailer, Kohl's, in Hialeah.First,... More >>

  • Brokeback Jerusalem

    published October 28, 2010

    There’s nothing orthodox about Haim Tabakman’s directorial debut, Eyes Wide Open, unless you consider the Jerusalem... More >>

  • Phoenix and Wavves at the Fillmore Miami Beach, October 27

    Phoenix and Wavves at the Fillmore Miami Beach, October 27

    published Oct 28, 2010

    ​Check out the full 30-photo Phoenix slideshow.PhoenixWith WavvesWednesday, October 27, 2010The Fillmore Miami BeachMiami used to suffer from one of the worst geographical disadvantages in the count... More >>

  • Holy Spirit Enters Baby, Ends Up on YouTube

    published Oct 27, 2010

    ​Look, the last time we had a good time at church, our parents were having us baptized. And sure, maybe we went to a Catholic high school, but there was nothing holy about it. There were alcoho... More >>

  • Unconfirmed Pictures of the PlayStation Phone

    published Oct 27, 2010

    ​Engadget leaked pictures of an alleged PlayStation phone late last evening that has generated more buzz than a PS3 controller vibrates.According to their website, the Sony Ericsson phone will likel... More >>

  • Victor Gonzalez

    Jackasses Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine talk about their new 3-D movie

    published October 28, 2010

    Jackass 3D: Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine talk about their new movie More >>

  • Sony Walkman, Dead at 31

    published Oct 25, 2010

    The Sony Walkman's tape deck once reigned supreme in the consumer electronics market as the quintessential music gadget for people on the move. Its affordability and compact size appealed to a diverse... More >>

  • Robotic Surgeon Creeps Us Out

    published Oct 22, 2010

    ​A recent "breakthrough" in modern technology and contemporary medicine may be a sign that machines will eventually overtake humans and control the world.A robot at Canada's McGill University Health... More >>

  • A-Hole on Parade

    published October 21, 2010

    If young aristocratic a-holes and vodka tonics sound like just another day at the yacht club, you’re probably familiar with Tucker... More >>

  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at Bardot Miami, October 20

    published Oct 21, 2010

    ​Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic ZerosBardot, MiamiWednesday, October 20, 2010 Better Than: A Ford Fiesta, NFL, and summertime True Blood promo featuring 30- to 60-second Edward Sharpe and the Magne... More >>

  • Five Hypothetical Homeless-Friendly iPhone Apps

    published Oct 20, 2010

    ​We recently teamed up with Cleveland Scene for an unconventional clothing drive. Rather than burning beautiful, barely-worn LeBron Cavs jerseys in front of Quicken Loans Arena, we encouraged former... More >>

  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Celebrate Bardot's Birthday Tonight

    published Oct 20, 2010

    ​​Bardot is celebrating its first birthday tonight with a special show from Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros.The LA-based hippie ensemble played a sold-out show last night at Culture Room in F... More >>

  • Five Vintage Snickers Commercials That'll Make You Snicker

    published Oct 19, 2010

    Snickers has had some nutty commercials in recent months. There was the Betty White/Abe Vigoda football spot, then the Aretha Franklin road trip bit, and now the creepy Halloween campaign:These days, ... More >>

  • Five Dumb Halloween Apps

    published Oct 15, 2010

    ​From a $4.99 Mario Batali recipe app that'll inevitably result in a greasy screen, to the Hipstamatic indie-cam for a $1.99, the iTunes store offers thousands of apps to suit every demographic... More >>

  • Drinking in Disguise

    published October 14, 2010

    We’re convinced Halloween is for adults. Sure, there’s trick-or-treating for kids — and who doesn’t love a newborn in a... More >>

  • SunChips 100 Percent Compostable Bag: An Experiment

    published Oct 13, 2010

    A little over a year ago, Frito Lay went green, announcing it would package SunChips in 100 percent compostable bags. But there was a problem. When kids ate -- in class, at libraries and in other asso... More >>

  • eMusic Sells Out to Major Record Labels

    published Oct 13, 2010

    ​​We're an honest bunch at Crossfade and we do not condone illegally downloading music. It's understood that musicians -- like writers -- struggle financially, and supporting independent music by ... More >>

  • MySpace Unveils New Corporate Identity But Still Lives in Facebook's Shadow

    published Oct 13, 2010

    ​MySpace has always been a safe haven for artists, weirdos, and perverts to promote their personal brands. It was the go-to site for horny teens hoping to find pictures of semi-nude, barely legal co... More >>

  • Roaches, Rodents and Restaurants: Health Inspector September Round-up

    published Oct 11, 2010

    ​What do you call a hole-in-the-wall with several cockroaches living harmoniously among rodents? A restaurant closure. Miami health inspectors found more roaches in two restaurants in September than... More >>

  • T-Pain Wants You: Apply Via Craigslist to Star in His New Video

    published Oct 08, 2010

    ​T-Pain is shooting a music video in the 305 on October 13, and the auto-tune king is looking for "20-30 extras for a club scene," according to a Craigslist posting.T-Pain's "Rap Song," featuring Ri... More >>

  • Five Stupid Tech-Related Products

    Five Stupid Tech-Related Products

    published Oct 08, 2010

    ​​Do your fat fingers ruin every text message you send? Are electromagnetic cell phone radiation waves affecting your memory? If so, you probably shop exclusively at mall kiosks. From goofy hats t... More >>

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