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2003 Stories by Tristram Korten

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  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, Ouch!

    published June 12, 2003

    On a hot June night in 1991, two men in a Toyota inched through the streets of Liberty City. A riot was brewing and New Times staff writer... More >>

  • Golden Beach to Shine Again?

    published May 29, 2003

    Last week the Golden Beach Town Council voted to hire a new police chief -- Greg Feldman, from the South Miami Police Department. He'll be the... More >>

  • Special Treatment at Jackson

    published May 15, 2003

    This past March, Robert Blake, the University of Miami Medical School's general counsel, chastised Michael Kosnitzky, who sits on the board of the... More >>

  • The Dull and Dreary Nightlife

    published May 8, 2003

    Miami Beach City Hall never looked so good. Lots of hair gel, sleeveless T-shirts and exposed bellybuttons, everything but the velvet rope. And... More >>

  • Stalin Would Be Proud

    published May 1, 2003

    The dismissal of six workers from a local office of the Department of Children and Families is one of the most surreal governmental dramas to play... More >>

  • It's Broken, So Fix It

    published April 24, 2003

    About a month ago Lois Spears, director of Miami-Dade's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, picked up the phone. She must have gritted... More >>

  • Proposals with Punch

    published April 17, 2003

    Three weeks ago some 5000 people marched down Calle Ocho to protest Fidel Castro's crackdown on dissidents, in which about 80 people who'd been... More >>

  • The Firefighter Who Burned His Colleagues

    published April 10, 2003

    City of Miami Fire Department Capt. Ed Pidermann, president of Miami's chapter of the International Association of Firefighters (Local 587),... More >>

  • The Unduly Long Arm of the Law

    published March 27, 2003

    Although I had seen Lt. Israel Gonzalez around the Miami Police Department, it wasn't until a meeting in a deserted office building just before... More >>

  • Welcome to the Brawl

    published March 20, 2003

    From his law office on the 28th floor of a downtown high-rise, Michael Kosnitzky, cigar clenched in one hand, is poring over last year's Annual... More >>

  • A Cop Comes Clean

    published March 13, 2003

    Bill Hames walked into Judge Alan Gold's federal courtroom on January 28 and all heads turned. Many did a double take. Hames seemed so ... frail.... More >>

  • The Last Deep Dive

    published March 6, 2003

    The most noticeable thing about Francisco Ferreras is his chest. He is otherwise an imposing presence -- tall, muscular arms, broad back, shaved... More >>

  • A Friend Indeed

    published January 30, 2003

    This is a distressing time for Camilo Padreda. It's the end of an era. Possibly his. The self-proclaimed best friend of the Miami Police... More >>

  • Wanted: In or Out of Pajamas

    published January 2, 2003

    Dr. Stanley Feinman is chuckling into the phone. "Sure, come on over," he says. "Make sure your laugh meter is on. I mean, I know this is serious... More >>

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