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1998 Stories by Tristram Korten

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  • Keystone Cops at College

    published December 31, 1998

    On April 7 Ralph Devito finished a nighttime game of racquetball at a University of Miami gym. On the way to his car he clutched his chest, made a... More >>

  • Meet Joe Blackout

    published December 24, 1998

    The dull blue light from the neon sign above the entrance to Reef Bait and Tackle barely cuts through the dusk and rain on NE 79th Street. The... More >>

  • Hurricane Chris

    published December 17, 1998

    The day after Hurricane Georges bodyslams the Keys, September 25th, Miami is a ghost town. Though the winds barely reach gale force, businesses... More >>

  • Nice Indictment, Nobody Home

    published December 10, 1998

    If Walter Reynoso was apprehensive, he didn't show it. Reynoso was about to give his closing statement last week in the federal drug-conspiracy... More >>

  • Have Cars, Will Travel

    published December 3, 1998

    You're driving down South Dixie Highway. It's a blissfully cool fall day in Miami. Traffic is crawling, but you're taking advantage of the slow... More >>

  • Prosecution Complex

    published November 26, 1998

    Michael Band is packing. The stacked boxes of files make his sparsely decorated office look even more austere. For twenty years Band has operated... More >>

  • The Devil and Mr. Jones

    published November 12, 1998

    In a sterile white conference room on the second floor of the Department of Justice building in downtown Miami, about 80 Opa-locka residents are... More >>

  • Faithful As I Wanna Be

    published November 5, 1998

    By the time Black Cherry has persuaded the manager of Coco's strip club to give her a two-hour break, hopped in a limo, and zoomed the few miles... More >>

  • Friends in Low Places

    published October 1, 1998

    In early spring a stranger showed up at "Touchdown" Tony Martin's home in Escondido, California. No doubt the wide receiver, a Pro Bowl veteran... More >>

  • Bull in the Market

    published September 10, 1998

    Richard Bronson's fortunes have ripened in the South Florida sunshine like a juicy mango. A virtual unknown when he arrived six years ago, he has ... More >>

  • In Need of Correction

    published September 10, 1998

    County jailers sometimes deal with strange cases. Take the matter of 38-year-old Jeffrey Allen, convicted of burglary in 1991 and sentenced to... More >>

  • Empire of the Son

    published August 27, 1998

    State Sen. Bill Turner sat on the stage in Liberty City's Caleb Center for two hours last month holding a sign that called for unity among... More >>

  • The Man Who Wrote Too Much

    published August 13, 1998

    Some members of Miami's literati were sorry to hear about Fashion Spectrum magazine's recent demise. Not because there will be a void left by the... More >>

  • Behind the Badge

    published August 6, 1998

    When the bronze-color Lincoln Continental nosed into the intersection of NW Sixth Avenue and 75th Street on May 19, 1994, Danny Felton was one of... More >>

  • Civil Wrongs

    published July 16, 1998

    As Raymond Johnson stood on a curb near his Liberty City home last month chatting with his brother-in-law, he didn't think he was breaking the... More >>

  • The Don

    published June 25, 1998

    Info:Correction Date: 07/30/1998 Info: The Don Adrift in Miami's fierce political maelstrom, Donald Warshaw is one cool... More >>

  • Iron John

    published June 18, 1998

    John Rivera, his hulking frame trussed up in a sharply creased tuxedo, smiles broadly as the starched and sequined crowd streams into the ballroom... More >>

  • Miami's Own Middle East Melee

    published June 11, 1998

    It was supposed to be a debate about increasing police presence in black neighborhoods. But when Adora Obi Nweze stood up in a flowing orange... More >>

  • Exposing the Color Line

    published June 4, 1998

    In the rear of a nondescript South Miami office building, a hidden door is set in a tiled floor. Grant Miller, who uses the place to publish a... More >>

  • No Holds Barred

    published May 28, 1998

    Frank Dennis, former denizen of Dade's jails, doesn't inspire much pity, what with convictions for beating up his girlfriend and attacking a... More >>

  • Chop a Trunk, Go to Jail

    published May 7, 1998

    Coral Gables is not only the City Beautiful, as its motto immodestly proclaims. It is also a "Tree City USA" -- meaning it has been recognized by... More >>

  • Wanda Woman

    published April 30, 1998

    Honey, I have got to find me a husband, just for tonight," Wanda declares as he cuts a swath through the crowd at a party commemorating the... More >>

  • Our Hero the Drug Dealer

    published April 23, 1998

    The press conference was a classic Drug Enforcement Administration production. Its goal: to trumpet the arrest of Rickey Brownlee, the alleged... More >>

  • Shoot Out the Lights

    published February 26, 1998

    As Gwendolyn Ramsey, in T-shirt and shorts, shuffles into the powder blue waiting room at South Florida State Hospital, it's easy to see the ugly... More >>

  • Anarchy in Allapattah

    published February 19, 1998

    It's late Saturday night when Doo pulls the pump shotgun out of its hiding place. A bare bulb illuminates the gun's short barrel, ventilated with... More >>

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