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1995 Stories by Tom Austin

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  • Swelter

    published December 28, 1995

    Another New Year's Eve looms on the horizon, the great white whale of hope and horror in the nightlife game. At this stage of the journey,... More >>

  • Swelter

    published December 21, 1995

    What with Christmas coming up and all, I've been trying to exorcise hatefulness from my being -- without much luck, unfortunately. Leave the house... More >>

  • Swelter

    published December 7, 1995

    It's been a week of limited social engagement, removed from the hoopla and horror, the spirits soaring amid a host of quiet rewards and epiphanies... More >>

  • Swelter 33

    published November 30, 1995

    Once in a while, even an idiot savant of gossip has to gush a little, and Ingrid Casares -- homegirl image consultant, Madonna pal, and co-owner... More >>

  • Swelter 32.10

    published November 23, 1995

    Standing there on Washington Avenue for the midnight reckoning, confronting the nasty mob waving VIP opening-night invitations around the front... More >>

  • Swelter 33

    published November 16, 1995

    Aside from the usual jaunts down the humiliation highway, the pointless theatrics and endless hook-up requests to dark world, the onerousness of... More >>

  • Swelter 30

    published November 9, 1995

    While rampant dementia might be tough on the citizenry, insanity does lend pungency to the more popular cultures, and soon enough there'll be no... More >>

  • Swelter 29

    published November 2, 1995

    Let's jump right in and confront the important, chew on the big issues: art, life, illusion versus reality, truth, sex, class chaos, and whatever... More >>

  • Swelter 28

    published October 26, 1995

    Unlike the drawing rooms of Henry James and Edith Wharton, redolent with intricate ironies, the comedy of manners that is contemporary nightlife... More >>

  • Swelter 27

    published October 19, 1995

    As with the more respectable strains of journalism, the lifeblood of pop reportage is information, from mere frippery to the legitimately sordid.... More >>

  • Swelter 26

    published October 12, 1995

    O.J. ruined my day, my week, and if his sorry story keeps being chewed over in the media, he'll possibly ruin my life. Overnight America... More >>

  • Swelter 25

    published October 5, 1995

    In this particular line of work, the twin polarities of existence -- the glorious and the sordid, the soaring of imagination and the sober... More >>

  • Swelter 24

    published October 5, 1995

    Contrary to Saint Barbra, people who need people, party kind of people, aren't the luckiest people in the world. People are crazy, they invariably... More >>

  • Swelter 23

    published September 21, 1995

    Admittedly, the perks are great in this job but it can work on your nerves, and everyone seems to being trapped in an interactive mystery... More >>

  • Swelter 22

    published September 14, 1995

    Night and day, a psyche at war with itself: In darkness the inner sanctum becomes a vast lollipop of lowbrow magical realism; by day all the... More >>

  • Swelter 21

    published September 7, 1995

    September song, and the angst of August -- if the heat doesn't get you, the stupidity will -- dwindles down to a foul psychic sinkhole, infested... More >>

  • Swelter 20

    published August 31, 1995

    The signs were all there, a red alert of bad karma and a quiet death instinct warned against a spontaneous trip to California. All the... More >>

  • Swelter 18

    published August 17, 1995

    The glamour drought of August, a kind of purgatory for normal social columnists. Though to our way of thinking, admittedly not an advisable... More >>

  • Swelter 17

    published August 10, 1995

    What with the truly feminine pathology of Hurricane Erin A she might fuck you up, and then again, she might not A the week turned out to be... More >>

  • Swelter 16

    published August 3, 1995

    Sometimes you just get lucky, and lately life's just been coming up roses: Expecting nothing, and for once getting back everything in return.... More >>

  • Swelter 15

    published July 27, 1995

    There's a certain pathology to this pop life, this culture of the damned, a sick compulsion shrouding the worship of the superficial. Once you're... More >>

  • Swelter 14

    published July 20, 1995

    Maybe it's in the air, all this churning of spiritual anorexia, these studies in dumbed-down concerns, but then, they're always good for a snarky... More >>

  • Swelter 13

    published July 13, 1995

    America the ugly, darkness visible, an eternal pinball journey through the seven circles of a tabloid Hades. The final exorcism may be at hand,... More >>

  • Swelter 12

    published July 6, 1995

    And so we all go, to and fro, talking of Michelangelo and the Delano, the media locusts drifting momentarily from the Hugh Grant mess to little... More >>

  • Swelter 11

    published June 29, 1995

    Home sweet home, immersed in a dangerous fallow period, nurturing our pet obsessions -- sex, fame, making a living -- and taking a breather from... More >>

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